5 Spooky Spots in London to Trace the Steps of Jack the Ripper

The most famous, gruesome, unsolved serial killings in history have continued to fascinate us since the terrifying autumn of 1888 when Jack the Ripper walked the streets of Whitechapel.

Today, the area has totally changed and some streets no longer exist, but it’s still possible to retrace the steps of London’s most notorious serial killer.

For a spine-tingling adventure, visit the sites where the gruesome murders actually took place. Who knows, you may even see a ghost of two!

Here’s a quick guide to 5 spooky spots in London where you can trace Jack the Ripper’s steps.

  1. Durward Street (Buck’s Row)

It was here that the Ripper’s first ‘official’ victim, Mary Ann ‘Polly’ Nicholls, was killed in the early hours of August 31, 1888.

The street has changed considerably since then; even its name is different. All that remains of that night is the old school building (now converted flats), where Polly’s body was found slumped in the gutter near the main gates.

For years after the murder, many swore to have seen a woman’s body in the gutter and horses and dogs would shy away from the area.

  1. Ten Bells Pub, Commercial Street

To get a real feel of the autumn of 1888, step inside the Ten Bells pub where it’s believed Jack stalked his victims. The interior is almost unchanged since that fateful period.

Jack’s second victim, Annie Chapman, had been seen drinking here on September 8, just before her mutilated body was found at 5am in the backyard of nearby 29 Hanbury Street.

Jack’s final victim, Mary Kelly, was also drinking here on the night of her death. The street outside the pub was where she ‘pitched’ customers.

  1. Henrique Street (Berner Street)

On September 30, two murders took place. The still warm body of Elizabeth Stride was found in Berner Street (now Henrique Street), a short distance from Commercial Street. Her throat was slit, but she hadn’t been mutilated. It’s thought Jack was disturbed and fled the scene before he could finish the job. For months after, her screams could still be heard.  Ironically, a school playground now covers the murder site.

  1. Mitre Square

Possibly the spookiest spot, Mitre Square is the murder scene of Jack’s 4th victim, Catherine Eddowes, whose mutilated body was found at 1.45am by a passing policeman.

Today the site is surrounded by a school and modern office buildings, but it’s said that the original cobblestones glow red in late September, and there are various reports of people seeing a bundle of clothes and the shape of a woman, which disappear as they get closer.

  1. Millers Court, Dorset Street 

Mary Jane Kelly was the only victim killed indoors. Her murder was also the most gruesome. On November 9, the 24-year-old prostitute, who was pregnant, was literally butchered beyond recognition.

The lodging house and street no longer exist but were located in the heart of Spitalfields. It’s hard to imagine this now trendy area was once the most vicious and deprived area of London.

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5 Amazing London Locations Every Harry Potter Fan Must See

If you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan, a visit to the Warner Bros Studio Tour of The Making of Harry Potter is probably top of your list.

Here you’ll find the original sets, props and costumes used in the series of films, and you can enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of some of the more famous Hogwarts settings, such as the Great Hall and Professor Dumbledore’s office.

However, London itself is home to some of the most iconic locations used to bring the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter to life.

Here are 5 amazing London locations every Harry Potter fan must see, all easily accessible by tube, Knight Bus, flue powder or broomstick!

  1. Platform 9 ¾

Your first stop has got to be King’s Cross Station. Thanks to Harry Potter, King’s Cross is quite possibly now the most famous station in the world. Head over to the West Concourse. There you’ll find a plaque and a baggage trolley embedded in the wall between platforms 9 and 10.

There’s also the delightful Platform 9 ¾ gift shop. The shop was officially opened by actor Warwick Davis (aka Prof. Flitwick) and it sells a whole range of unique Harry Potter memorabilia.

  1. The Leaky Cauldron

According to Ms Rowling, Number 1, Diagon Alley is the address of the oldest pub in London, The Leaky Cauldron, the gateway between the muggle world and Diagon Alley.

For us muggles, it’s Cecil Court, which can be found ‘just off Charing Cross Road’. The pedestrian-only street is full of charm and offers a wonderfully quirky range of secondhand, speciality bookshops, and antique shops. It’s so atmospheric, you can almost imagine bumping into Hagrid or Ollivander as you stroll along.

  1. Diagon Alley

The beautiful Victorian Leadenhall Market was used as the setting for the original Diagon Alley in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Leadenhall is a delightful mixture of narrow cobbled streets, stunning architecture including an ornate iron and glass roof, and trendy restaurants and bars.

Recognise the blue painted exterior of the optician’s shop in Bulls Head Passage? It was used as the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

  1. Millennium Bridge

One of the most dramatic and thrilling scenes of all has to be the destruction of the Millennium Bridge in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Luckily, the bridge itself is still intact and perfectly safe to walk across (not even a wobble!). Take in the spectacular views of St Paul’s Cathedral, but do keep an eye out for Deatheaters.

  1. London Zoo

The Reptile House is the very one where Harry learns to speak parseltongue with snakes. There’s a plaque commemorating the scene beside the glassed tank where the Burmese python escaped.

You’ll be disappointed to see it’s now home to a black mamba and not Dudley Dursley, but you could always try out your parseltongue skills. You might even get a reply!

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