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These Are the Best Things to See and Do in London in February

February is one of the most vibrant and lively months of the year to visit London, because there is a lot going on in the capital.

Love is in the cold London air throughout the month, as on the 14th February it’s Valentine’s Day and the city goes all out to express itself. Chinatown has its own celebrations, as they welcome in the Chinese New Year with parades, fireworks and festivities, and some excellent food too of course.

There are wonderful events to visit in London in February, from classic car shows and fashion festivals to unique exhibitions hosted in the city’s most famous museums.

To inspire you to visit the capital, here are the best things to see and do in London in February.

  1. Valentine’s Day

A visit to London on Valentine’s Day is the perfect trip for any couple. The city is full of charming locations and attractions that are wonderful for enjoying with your partner on the 14th February. Take romantic strolls through leafy gardens and parks, enjoy the elegance of the royal palaces, marvel at views over the city from the top of the Shard, or take a cruise along the river.

In the evening, enjoy London’s many restaurants, bars and romantic venues together, but remember to book a table in advance, as this could well be the busiest night of the year in the city.

  1. Enjoy the London Nightlife

Of course, February isn’t just for lovers. Even singletons will have plenty to enjoy in London throughout the month, particularly on 14th February when everyone is out in force, visiting bars, restaurants and pubs across the city. It’s a great night for partying, but you will find that the whole month is just as frantic and that London’s nightlife is at its best all through February.

London Nightlife

  1. Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year falls on February 5th in 2019 and this year, it’s going to usher in the Year of the Pig, the last of the animals in the 12-year Zodiac cycle. With its impressive multicultural diversity, London is a city that celebrates the most important Chinese event in the calendar and you will find parties, fireworks and parades being held across the capital.

The best place to celebrate is always in Chinatown, but the colourful parade stretches through the West End and Trafalgar Square too.

  1. Explore Chinatown

There’s more to Chinatown though than just Chinese New Year celebrations and parades, and February is the perfect month to explore this diverse part of London.

Found right in the heart of the city, Chinatown is a cultural feast waiting to be explored. Here you can find the best Chinese restaurants in the city, not just the standard English-style fare found in many places, but authentic cooking and traditional recipes from the Far East.

Enjoy great food, and be transported from the drab streets of central London to the colour, noise and sounds of China.

  1. Climb the Shard

The tallest building in the European Union offers visitors the chance to gaze out over London from 300 metres above, and February is a great time to ascend to the lofty heights of the Shard for an excellent view.

While things might still be a bit grey during the day, at night you can see the city below lit up spectacularly, and on Valentine’s Day, the Shard could well be the best place to take a date in the capital.

  1. London Fashion Week

Mid-February, the best of the fashion world descends upon the capital for the extravagant and prestigious London Fashion Week.

This renowned event sees the best fashion being showcased across the city, with shows, performances and parties, alongside a fashion festival that can be attended by the general public too. It’s a week of style and good looks, and where better to host such an event than the most stylish city in the country?

Fashion Week Catwalk

  1. London Shopping

If the London Fashion Week gets you in the mood for a new look or a brand new set of clothes then London is the best place in England to spend the day shopping.

With thousands of shops and retail outlets, the capital’s shopping opportunities are endless, and you can spend hours browsing through such famous locales as Oxford Street or Harrods, in the hunt for great deals.

  1. Gin Festival

Gin lovers won’t want to miss London’s ever-popular Gin Festival, which is held over several days at Tobacco Dock. This excellent event will see gin producers from across the world displaying their best bottles for those over the age of 18 to sample at will.

Try some of the most innovative and unique gins out there, alongside a wide range of gin-based cocktails and drinks. There are history lessons, gin distilling workshops and much, much more at this rowdy festival.

  1. London Classic Car Show

Those with even a fleeting interest in motor history will want to book tickets to the excellent Classic Car Show in London. Hosted at the Excel Arena, this multi-day event sees car collectors and motor enthusiasts from across the world arriving in the capital in their finest classic vehicles.

See some exceptionally well preserved and maintained motor vehicles from the last century on display, with many even being test driven in front of the cheering audience. You might even spot a few Formula 1 celebrities racing in classics too.

Classic car

  1. Six Nations Rugby

The enduring Six Nations rugby tournament kicks off in February in stadiums across Europe, as the best national teams on the continent go head to head in a series of matches that will decide the year’s winning team.

Matches take place across several weeks, and in London, you will find that weekends are quickly devoted to rugby, with pubs and bars televising games and the capital cheering on England. If you are lucky, you could even secure yourself a ticket to an England game at Twickenham Stadium, but these sell out very quickly.

  1. Watch a Football Match

Not everyone in London will be a rugby fan though, and while some are cheering during the Six Nations tournament, many more will still be following the country’s favourite sport, football.

Every weekend and on a few weeknights too, stadiums across the capital will be packed with roaring crowds of football fans watching their favourite teams battle it out on the pitch. Head to the pubs or bars to watch matches on television in a classic English atmosphere, or get hold of some tickets to be there in the stands.

Arsenal Stadium

  1. Ice Skating at Canary Wharf

You might associate ice skating with the festive, Christmas period, which in February, should be long gone, right? Not exactly.

At Canary Wharf, the popular ice skating rink is still open and catering to high demand well into February, and you can enjoy skating in this iconic location until the middle of the month. Strap on your skates and hit the ice at Canary Wharf!

  1. Cutty Sark at 150

The Cutty Sark is one of the most iconic sights to be seen in Greenwich, and the image of this wooden ship against the backdrop of the Thames is a classic. The Cutty Sark, a fast, wooden ship that dates back to the 19th century, is celebrating its 150th birthday, and this couldn’t be a better time to learn more about it.

Throughout February you can find some great events and exhibitions in honour of the most famous ship in Greenwich, and at the Royal Museums Greenwich, you can see the ship in all of its restored glory. Explore the museum and discover how this wooden-hulled sailing ship became one of the fastest boats in the world before wind power was overtaken by steam.

  1. The King of Assyria at the British Museum

History fans will want to call in at the British Museum’s excellent King of Assyria exhibition, which is ending its run at the end of February 2019. The exhibition focuses on Ashurbanipal, the King of Assyria, who reigned over a vast empire in the 6th century BC and styled himself as the King of the World.

With archaeological exhibits that date back thousands of years, this is a historic display that few others in the capital can match. Learn about this ancient warrior king, before exploring the rest of the British Museum’s extensive collections from history.

  1. Life in the Dark at the Natural History Museum

Also coming to an end in February is the fantastic Life in the Dark exhibition, which can be found at the iconic Natural History Museum in London. This brilliant exhibition delves into the unknown lives and habits of creatures that live and thrive in the world’s darkest locations.

You can learn about the curious creatures that call deep caves and perpetual darkness home, see how sea creatures survive in the deep blue where no light can penetrate the water, and discover how scientists have studied these evolutionary miracles over the years.

Natural History Museum

  1. Superbugs at the Science Museum

If you are in the mood for excellent exhibitions then call in at Superbugs at the Science Museum, which is only on until March 2019. This free show is a demonstration of the microscopic world and the wonders and faults of the microbes and antibiotics that have allowed doctors to fight disease and save lives.

The exhibition focuses on the Superbugs that are now evolving resistance to traditional antibiotics and the implications that this is having in hospitals around the world. Learn more about the fight against superbugs and what the future holds for this intriguing and important field of medicine.

  1. Orchids Festival at Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens are a charming attraction to visit any time of the year, but particularly so in February, when you can enjoy the wonderful Orchids Festival. Located in the famous botanic gardens in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, this festival is a celebration of colourful orchids in the cold winter.

Focusing on the diversity and colour of Colombia, thousands of orchids show the vibrancy of the South American nation, alongside other unique features such as a model jaguar, which demonstrates the country’s enormous biodiversity and beauty.

  1. Video Games: Design/Play/Disrupt at the V & A Museum

An exhibition for the modern generation at one of London’s oldest museums is a must-see in February when visiting London. Pop into the V & A to see this unusual display of video game culture. Learn how modern games are designed and see how they have evolved into much more than just simple time wasters but are now integral parts of our society in the 21st century.

Even if you don’t play video games, this is a truly fascinating look at contemporary culture, and you have the opportunity to learn just why video games have become such an integrated part of life and just why they are so popular.

This incredibly visual exhibition at the V & A is quite unlike any other museum exhibition in London, so be sure you don’t miss it.

  1. Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams at the V & A Museum

Also held at the V & A Museum and open through February is an exhibition that focuses on world-famous fashion designer Christian Dior. Through unique exhibits and original clothing and designs made by the fashion maestro, the V & A takes visitors through the life and work of this influential 20th century character.

Explore collections dating back as far as 1947 and learn why the Frenchman loved Britain as much as he did his own country, in this unique exhibition that tries to demonstrate just how exactly Christian Dior and his unstoppable fashion brand took the world by storm, and continues to do so many decades after his unfortunate death.

To find out more about the exciting things to do in London during February or to book one of our exciting London tours, contact Premium Tours today.

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