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Mary Poppins Returns…to a 2019 London

Mary Poppins Returns is already one of the most talked about movies of 2019. The world’s favourite no-nonsense nanny is back in London, this time checking in on a grown-up Michael Banks and his own children.

Mary Poppins is one of the most classic movies of all time, and as well as the wonderful Julie Andrews, another star of the show is undoubtedly the beautiful city of London.

The first Mary Poppins movie is set in an Edwardian London, while Mary Poppins Returns takes place 20 years later, but as our beloved Mary returns to our screen (this time embodied by Emily Blunt), we wondered what would it be like if Mary Poppins returned to a modern day London.

Undoubtedly, the capital has changed drastically since the 1910s and 1930s, with many of the city’s most iconic buildings having not arisen until almost 100 years since Mary Poppins’ time.

Buckingham Palace, built in 316, was of course a part of Mary Poppins’ London, as was Big Ben built in 160, however modern landmarks such as the O2 (famously built for the Millennium), the Gherkin, and the London Eye would be almost alien to Mary.

So, what would Mary Poppins make of our modern day London? We took to Instagram to find out.

Caught in the Rain

Mary Poppins illustration

No matter the era, Mary Poppins would certainly always still be carrying her trusty umbrella everywhere with her, and in the charming but often rainy modern day London, it would certainly serve her well.


Mary Poppins Illustration Having Brunch

The dining market has certainly changed since the Edwardian era, and Mary would most likely be sceptical of London’s hipster hangouts at first – but even she couldn’t resist a delicious stack of pancakes from one of the city’s most popular brunch haunts.

Ready for Work

Mary Poppins Mirror Illustration

Hey, London isn’t a cheap place to live – so Mary would still need to work to pay her bills. Plus, we all know that work is about much more than money for Mary, it’s about enriching the lives of the children and families she works with. We’re sure she would be teaching today’s Gen Z kids the forgotten joy of flying a kite.

A Spoonful of Sugar

Mary Poppins at rooftop bar illustration

Even Mary needs some time to chill out after work, and where better than at one of London’s stunning rooftop bars? Here Mary can indulge in a ‘spoonful of sugar’ mixed up into a delicious cocktail.

Hitting the High Street

Mary Poppins shopping illustration

The hustle and bustle of Oxford Street is a world away from the Edwardian streets Mary Poppins travelled. While Mary might enjoy hitting the shops, we’re not sure she could find a replacement for her magical bag in any high street store.

Going Underground

Mary Poppins on London Ungerground

After testing out London’s modern transport system, Mary might decide she’s better off sticking to her flying umbrella.


Mary Poppins carousel illustration

We all know that Mary loves a carousel ride, and so South Bank’s famous carousel would surely be one of her first stops in modern London. Sadly, the horses here don’t come alive like they do in Bert’s paintings.

Selfie Love

Mary Poppins Selfie

One thing Mary doesn’t lack is self-confidence, and this pretty lady is sure to be partial to the occasional selfie.



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